Baltimore Green Party Community Calendar – 10:30am Student Strike Information

Rally Location: across the street from Maryland State Department of Education Building, 200 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 student strike!! (For Middle and high school Students!) Are you tired of crowded classrooms? Are you angry about dirty bathrooms and broken computers? DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A CHANGE? SHOW THAT YOU ARE FED UP WITH UNDER-FUNDED SCHOOLS!! WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16TH DON’T GO TO SCHOOL!! (But Don’t Stay Home!) Come Downtown at 10:30 a.m. RALLY outside 1st Mariner Arena at the Maryland State Board of Education help demand fair funding and $110 million from the state’s rainy day fund Info call: Chelsea Carson 443-838-0174 or Chris Goodman 410-262-8577 PARENTS!!! ARE YOU FED UP WITH YOUR CHILDREN BEING CHEATED OUT OF AN ADEQUATE EDUCATION?!! TAKE A STAND WITH YOUR CHILDREN!!! History of the State’s “unlawful underfunding” of Baltimore City Public Schools(Judge Kaplan, August 2004): 1994: Keith Bradford and American Civil Liberties Union sue Dr. Nancy Grasmick, Maryland Superintendent of Schools, and Maryland State Board of Education for not adequately educating students. 1996: City-State Partnership begins under Consent Decree in response to suit. 2000: Keith Bradford and American Civil Liberties Union go back to court for adequate funding. Judge Joseph Kaplan rules in favor of students and orders $200-$260 million more EVERY YEAR! 2004: Judge Kaplan rules that State owes $500-$800 million in total, and requires $30-$45 million immediately for the city schools. 2004-05: State continues to violate court orders. Bring Your Children and Join THE STUDENT STRIKE!! Gather outside 1st Mariner Arena at Maryland State Board of Education, 200 W. Baltimore St. 10:30 A.M., March 16th

For More Information Call: 410-523-1220